“Stop living out the stories someone has told about you, or made you believe are true about you…begin to live your own story.” – Jennifer Cross

From Jennifer Cross – A Note to Her ClienteleIMG_0011

It is an honor for me to be integrated into the lives of my clients. Helping people accept themselves and live balanced, healthy lives is my passion. I am touched by the words shared when I receive a thank you letter or a testimonial. It certainly inspires me to continue what I love. Thank you, to all my clients, for your inspiration, your dedication, and most important of all, your trust. Always realize and embrace the beautiful in you. – Jennifer Cross


Christine Taught her Family to Eat Real Food

“When we started to meet together, I expected to hear calories in and calories out. Don’t eat this and stay away from that! What you taught me turned out to me of great worth!  Yes, you don’t want too many calories in, but it is more about the ingredients.  I have always been obsessed with counting calories.  You showed me the importance of reading not only the label but the ingredients list.  I was reminded that it is so much less about a diet and counting calories and so much more about helping my body be the best it can be!          

Thank you for helping me find my trigger/ comfort food (SALT!).  Showing me the right numbers  not only helped me, but it helped my whole family!  Another thing that was extremely helpful was your help in my kitchen.  One thing you said has stuck with me about how my attitude to the cooking carries over to the dinner table.  We are an extremely busy family and our dinner time is sometimes the only time we have as a family.  I feel proud to serve them food that is nourishing their body  more than hurting it.  Yes, we still have our “bad meals”  but I am striving to  serve healthy meals with a happy attitude.    I also have been having my kids read the ingredients.  If we can’t pronounce the words, they most likely are not good for us!  Thank you for coming into my kitchen and teaching me how to cook a full meal that I can be proud of!   Our few meetings also sparked an interested to learn as much as I can about the food we eat!  Thank you for your time to help my family!”  


Kathy Stopped Binge Eating

“Jenny helped me most by listening, having compassion & encouragement that I could get through it & change for the better. By introducing new cooking ideas, recipes & by reassuring me it was okay when I had set backs.    Instead of me beating up on myself & then binging. I think most of all she helped me look at things from a different perspective & not from a negative side, but a positive one. Ultimately changing my attitude about things helped me to try and be more positive.”

Kate Found the Simple Path to Clean Living

…As for the clean living, it’s the only way to go and was so easy for me. The recipes were very simple to prepare and SO delicious! I have found my 1:1 time with Jenny to be very beneficial and helpful! I look forward to learning more as we work through my digestive issues.

Danielle can Reduce Stress and Focus on Life

Since working with Jennifer, I have learned so much in a very short time. I went into thinking we would only focus on making dietary changes, but I soon found out that was only one piece of the puzzle. She has helped me incorporate simple exercises into my daily routine and given me valuable techniques to reduce stress and bring organization and focus back into my life. Jennifer is an amazing coach with so much knowledge to share. She truly listens and cares about helping others make positive lifestyle changes!

Janet – Learned that She Deserved to be Healthyfotolia_8271112_XS

Dear Jenny,

When we met I realized you had several unique talents as a health and wellness coach, in addition to being likeable. 

One, you had enormous knowledge about diet and exercise options.  Two, during our consult, you asked questions about my current food intake, activities, and lifestyle so that you could consider the best options for me to improve my plan.   And, this was done in an understanding, and non-judgmental fashion.   

Together these skills provided an individualized approach for creating a mindful and consistent approach to health and wellness.     

Afterwards, your guidance and uncanny insight into my unique situation was most helpful.  You offered suggestions to make positive changes, adding in, instead of taking away…especially in my food choices.    

 Thank you for helping me realize that I can select better meal choices, make realistic goals, and that I deserve a healthy lifestyle.

Paula Knows How to Shut the Cravings Down

My top three goals upon starting the 6-month program were to feel happier, lose weight, and be kind to myself. Jenny was able to help me work toward these goals by teaching me about whole foods and balancing my life. She taught me that what you put in your body has a huge effect on how you feel.

The greatest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been that I have the desire to eat healthy, and I am able to actually make good choices. The most significant overall change I have noticed has been that I am happier and more balanced . I am equipped with the right tools to eat healthy and am actually doing just that. I’ve lost weight, and I’m much kinder to myself. I better understand where the cravings come from and how to shut them down.

Jenny is a warm, friendly, compassionate woman who is willing to share. She is very knowledgeable in health/nutrition counseling as well as in living her life and setting a great example.  Working with Jenny is like talking to a good, wise friend who cares about you and celebrates who you are right now. Her methods and suggestions are realistic and do-able and very helpful.

I recommend Jenny to anyone who needs help getting on track with eating healthy, coping with transitions in life, and searching for contentment. I’ve learned so much about myself and how to be happier and healthier. THANK YOU, JENNY!!!!

Donna Received the Tools She Desperately Needed
Healthy Living Tools

Jenny is a knowledgeable, conscientious and encouraging Health Coach and Counselor who “opened my eyes” to ways of improving my health and wellness by providing me with the tools (e.g. direction, materials and intuitive health counseling) I desperately needed. I would recommend her to anyone who finds him- or herself struggling with body image, poor eating habits (including food addictions), low self-esteem and their causes.

Lara’s Controls Bad Habits and Pushes Through When She Slips Up

My sessions with Jenny began in July of 2013.  I had tried many other ‘diets’ in the past (including Weight Watchers), and always eventually went back to old habits.  When I saw Jenny’s initial presentation, something clicked right away – I knew I found it hard to resist sweets and carbs, but the word ‘Addict’ made me pause.  I wasn’t sure if I was ready to give up everything, but the more I learned from Jenny about sugar in its many forms, the more convinced I was that I was on the right path.  A few meetings in, after reducing some sugar, I decided to explore the role gluten was playing in my diet.  I almost always felt bloated, tired, and cranky, and literally wanted to nap every day at 2 pm.  Again Jenny recommended some great reading material and even customized our discussions around the gluten-free lifestyle, including how to build up protein and vegetables, and reduce carbs in most forms.  It took a few weeks to get the junk out of my system, but I felt so much lighter, slept better, and no longer felt a 2 pm ‘crash’- it was amazing!  The weight began to come off slowly but steadily, and by the holidays I felt it easy to avoid the sugar and gluten-filled holiday food and treats.  I customized certain recipes with gluten-free alternatives, and did lots of experimenting with trips to various grocery stores to find affordable options.  Jenny accompanied me on one trip to the grocery with a couple of recipes in hand, and we discussed how to shop properly and avoid certain grocery store traps. 

 Each meeting with Jenny consisted of tackling a nutrition topic, going over handouts to add to my binder, and discussing challenges and small victories that occurred between visits.  I found Jenny extremely friendly and funny, and very understanding of the challenges facing me when it came to dietary changes.  But she made great suggestions and always had good ideas on how to overcome them.  She also got me hooked on Green tea (unsweetened!) from Starbucks.  We discussed the importance of finding good choices at any restaurant, and the advantages of doing most cooking at home.  I began to enjoy cooking for myself and my family, and would spend most Sundays in the kitchen preparing lots of nutritious, filling and tasty choices to take to work and incorporate into meals the rest of the week.  By the following summer, I needed a smaller bathing suit, and my friends and family were generous with the compliments on my new shape and my new energetic attitude.  I started playing tennis again and was actually enjoying exercise!  Though I was happy about the weight loss, I was more happy about being free from the processed food and sugars that had controlled most of my life. 

 Another aspect of Jenny’s program that I loved was the idea of ‘Balance’ – IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT THE FOOD!  If other areas of your life are out of balance, this will most certainly affect how you treat your body.  I learned the importance of taking care of myself, and in doing so, was better able to take care of my family.  I would sometimes bring my kids along for counseling sessions, and they learned things too.  My young son called her ‘Jenny the Health Inspector’ (which stuck as our family name for her).  My husband and kids began to understand that these changes I was making for myself would make me a happier wife and mom, and though they did not always enjoy my food experiments, they agreed I was a happier person.  I never tried to force ideas on them, but eventually they did begin to understand that ‘Junk in equals junk out’, and began making better choices themselves.  My son will actually read a label to see how much sugar (or ‘coded’ sugar word) is in something!  I have two teenage daughters that have no need to ‘diet’, but they know they feel better when they eat better quality food and drink lots of water (no more Gatorade!). 

 There are times when I slip back into old habits, and I immediately feel physically unwell.  This motivates me to get back on track, refer to my binder and the tools Jenny gave me, and not to beat myself up about it!  That kind of forgiveness is something that I learned with Jenny, but I will never take for granted.  My time with Jenny was truly educational and transformative.

Feedback from Classes

  • You did a fabulous job teaching the class tonight on how to overcome sugar addiction!  I learned so very much–thank you.  I’m looking forward to your other lectures and working with you to help me get on the right track.
  • I just love that list of qualities of becoming a balanced feminine woman! I can’t wait to learn about them.
  • I just took the class on the problem of food addiction and the cure which is the real food cleanse. I consider myself very knowledgeable on all matters of health and wellness but Jenny taught me how to see food and my relationship to food in a different light all together.
  • I didn’t know how bad I felt until I knew what it felt like to feel good!
  • I have to tell you it’s amazing that I do not have any desire to eat. I saved my pudding for after my class tonight and I don’t even want it!!!! This is crazy!
  • I know this will change me moving forward.