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shutterstock_150758387The focus of this wellness workshop is to promote and encourage healthy living with real food that is not processed, laden with chemicals, but rather, life-giving, nutritious and energizing. Healthy Living Made Easy is an educational program about the impact food has on our bodies, mind, spirit, energy and lifestyles. Many methods to improve eating styles are discussed as well as small changes to improve mood, energy and daily living. A 5-Day daily food cleanse program with daily menus, recipes and tools is provided, however, not required.

“I have to tell you it’s amazing that I do not have any desire to eat. I saved my pudding for after my class tonight and I don’t even want it!!!! This is crazy!! – Healthy Living Made Easy Client

Current Schedule
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Skype & Phone

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Mondays @ 12pm
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Downers Grove
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If appointments are not available for the wellness workshop, Contact Jennifer Cross to schedule your appointment.


Wellness Classes

Wellness Classes include anything from: “10 ways to Nourish Yourself to Healthy Pregnancy 101” to “Overcoming Sugar Addiction.”

Classes are held throughout the week in Downers Grove or via Webinar. (Refer to the table above for all class topics.) Contact Jennifer to inquire about start times.