Women’s Healthy Living Support Group

Healthy Living Apple w HandsA woman’s healthy living support group that shares challenges and successes while on the journey to a balanced, healthy life. Join us for this six-week class to support, encourage, and tap into the secrets to finding radiant health and inner happiness. Together, we will harness the power of positive thinking, learn the ancient secrets of the circle, and explore your sacred, powerful, feminine energy! Clients exit the sessions feeling rejuvenated, encouraged, heard and accomplished.

  • 12 Week Program on Sundays in Downers Grove
  • 60-minute sessions; 5:30-6:30
  • Cost $186.00 USD (Insurance can be billed)
  • Purchase of the book “The Hunger Fix” is optional. This is an amazing resource regarding food addiction and the treatment to overcome this behavior.

Contact Jennifer to schedule to participate.

“I know this will change me moving forward.” – Support Group Member


Food Addiction Support Group

A 12-Step Support Group for women or men to help support each other through the cycle of food addiction and its struggles and triumphs. Members learn synergies amongst each other, new coping methods, recipes and various approaches to overcoming urges and impulses.

Members meet once a week for 12 weeks, belong to a private Facebook group and are strongly encouraged to reach out to one another during the week. Many repeat the 12 week program to continue success and to continue receiving support. Join us and enjoy the support of other men and women who share openly and honestly about their daily struggle with food addictions.

Contact Jennifer to participate.

“I didn’t know how bad I felt until I knew what it felt like to feel good!” – Food Addiction Group Member