FreedomLive a happy, healthy life that is flexible, fun and rewarding. Dwelling on calories, carbs, fats, proteins and restrictions is not our style. Together, we will personalize your healthy eating program to help you reach your health goals in areas such as achieving optimal weight, reducing food cravings, increasing sleep and maximizing energy. Authentic Living & Wellness is privileged to offer the following programs worldwide via in-person, on the phone or via Skype. Connect or schedule with Jennifer to start your healthy life today.

  • 1:1 Counseling / Coaching 
  • E-Coaching via Tephone or video chat 
  • Group Support & Programs
  • Wellness Classes
  • Nutrition Education
  • Workshops
  • Health Consultations
  • Ms Cross is available to speak at your event.  Click here for details.

ALW Programs, Descriptions & Times

All programs are led by Jennifer M. Cross, MS, LPC, CHC, Health Counselor, Speaker, Life and Health Coach & Food Addictions Expert.

  • In-Person & Group Sessions
  • Over the phone (directions will be emailed to you when you register on Calendly.)
  • Online Via video chat (directions will be emailed to you when you register on Calendly.)

My counseling practice is founded on the principles of Adlerian Psychology and involves the philosophy of bio-individuality; meaning no one diet or lifestyle change is right for everyone.  It is the practice of finding health through personalized 1:1 coaching sessions crafted to assist you in building Healthy Relationships, increasing Physical Activity, Find a Satisfying Career, or grow spiritually.   Together we will rediscover exactly what will work for you within your current life circumstance.

 This will help you to achieve your own level of wellness very naturally. 

As a client of mine you will:

set and accomplish goals

feel great in your body

work to achieve and maintain your ideal weight

learn about new foods

understand and reduce your cravings

improve your personal relationships

increase your energy levels

discover a new confidence


Sessions may occur in person, over the phone or video chat. We request you schedule a meeting through my schedule at Calendly

Wellness Workshops – Healthy Living Made Easy

The focus of this program is to promote and encourage healthy eating with real food that is not processed, laden with chemicals, but rather, life-giving, nutritious and energizing. Healthy Living Made Easy is an educational program about the impact food has on our bodies, mind, spirit, energy and lifestyles. Many methods to improve eating styles are discussed as well as small changes to improve mood, energy and daily living. A 5-Day Real Food wellness program with daily menus, recipes and tools is provided, however, not required.

“I have to tell you it’s amazing that I do not have any desire to eat. I saved my pudding for after my class tonight and I don’t even want it!!!! This is crazy!! – ALW Client

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 Healthy Kitchen Food Picture.


Women’s Healthy Living Support Group

jen  - 185 - Feb 2012

A woman’s support group calling circle to share challenges and successes while on the journey to a balanced, healthy life. Join us for this six-week class to support, encourage, and tap into the secrets to finding radiant health and inner happiness. Together, we will harness the power of positive thinking, learn the ancient secrets of the circle, and explore your sacred, powerful, feminine energy! Clients exit the sessions feeling rejuvenated, encouraged, heard and accomplished. Contact Jennifer to inquire about start times.

  • 12 Week Program on Sundays in Downers Grove
  • 60-minute sessions; 5:30-6:30
  • Cost $186.00 USD (Insurance can be billed)
  • Purchase of the book “The Hunger Fix” is optional. This is an amazing resource regarding food addiction and the treatment to overcome this behavior.

“I know this will change me moving forward.” – Support Group Member

Food Addiction Support Group

A 12-Step Support Group for women or men to help support each other through the cycle of food addiction and its struggles and triumphs. Members learn synergies amongst each other, new coping methods, recipes and various approaches to overcoming urges and impulses.

Members meet once a week for 12 weeks, belong to a private Facebook group and are strongly encouraged to reach out to one another during the week. Many repeat the 12 week program to continue success and to continue receiving support. Join us and enjoy the support of other men and women who share openly and honestly about their daily struggle with food addictions. Contact Jennifer to inquire about start times.

“I didn’t know how bad I felt until I knew what it felt like to feel good!” – Food Addiction Group Member

Wellness Classes


Wellness Classes include anything from: “10 ways to Nourish Yourself to Healthy Pregnancy 101” to “Overcoming Sugar Addiction.”

Classes are held throughout the Chicagoloand area or via Webinar. (Refer to the table above for all class topics.) Contact Jennifer to inquire about start times.

Free Health Consultation

ALW offers a holistic approach to health and wellness which means exploring the connection among all the areas of your life. Does stress at your job or in your relationship cause you to overeat? Does lack of sleep or low energy prevent you from exercising? Together we work with you to help you reach your health goals in areas important to you which can include reducing food cravings, achieving optimal weight, increasing sleep and maximizing energy. While working together, you will develop a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that work best for you, and we will implement lasting changes that will improve your energy, balance and health. Concepts to explore during your health consultation: Bio-individuality: Primary Food: The Circle of Life Analysis.

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 Balanced FeminityBecome Captivating

in the 21st Century. Do you want to learn the power of your unique feminine presence? Be able to walk into a room and attract the attention you want, where-ever you are, while feeling completely confident.  Cultivate that perfect relationship and feel worthy of a rich, fulfilling life or just stop feeling so overwhelmed all the time?  Join us for this 8 week class to support, encourage, and tap into the secrets of Balanced Femininity. Contact Jennifer to inquire about start times.

  • 8-Week Program
  • Located in Downers Grove, Phone, or Skype
  • 60-minute sessions
  • Cost $135.00 USD for 8-week program

Secret Steps to Self-Confidence Revealed

Do you want to improve your marriage or relationship?

Feel happy and radiate confidence?  

Learn to cultivate that perfect relationship and finally feel worthy of a rich, fulfilling life and just stop feeling so overwhelmed all the time.  

Join us for this 8-week online class to support, encourage, and tap into the secrets of becoming a captivating woman.

  • 8 Modules – Weekly Live / Recorded Webinars 
    • Next Class Begins Tuesday Night at 8pm Central. Recorded and available to you immediately.
    • The “Become Captivating” 8-week series will help you develop a noble character in the following areas:  Purity, self control, inner happiness, righteous living, honesty, strength, courage, and endurance. The result will be to create a feeling of confidence you have never felt before and awaken the love of your husband or partner.  

    • Cost $184. – 8-week program – if you sign up early, save your spot, you can save $$$! 

    • Click here to learn more

Programs At A Glance

Counseling / Coaching Programs Wellness Classes Specializations
1:1 Counseling / Coaching Overcoming Sugar Addiction Weight Loss & maintenance
Group & Family Health Counseling 5-Day REAL FOOD Cleanse  Career & Life Transition
Public Speaking Weight Loss Made Easy Self Esteem and Confidence
Wellness Classes Eat Well and Be Well Couples & Relationships
Easy Recipes Healthy Pregnancy 101 Wellness Workshops
Health Consultations 10 Ways to Nourish Yourself Retreats & Public Speaking
Raw Food Cleanse Hotel Health Wellness at Work
Kitchen & Shopping Visits Decoding Ingredient Lists Depression & Anxiety
Healthy Cooking Detox Your Hygiene Routine Eating Disorders
 Overcome Diabetes 7-Day Healthy Habits Food Addiction Treatment
Benefits to You
Overall Feeling of Happiness Decrease Inflammation Increased Self-Esteem
Control over Binge Eating Increased Energy Eliminate obsession with food
Control over Food Cravings Decreased Anxiety Diabetes Management
Weight Loss Decreased Depression Changed Career Path
 Increase overall happiness  stronger relationships  better quality of life
A Healthy Balanced Life is in Your Future


A LEANER, HEALTHIER You is Just 30-Days Away!

  • Tired of Yo-Yo Diets that just don’t work?
  • Feeling drained of your energy?
  • Finding it hard to stick to an exercise routine?
  • Feeling frustrated and discouraged about reaching your health and wellness goals?

Would You Like to FINALLY:

  • Feel great in your body?
  • Lose those extra stubborn pounds?
  • Boost energy and self-confidence?
  • Learn How to Implement, REAL, LASTING CHANGE without diets or deprivation?
  • Enjoy an incredible community of support to encourage and motivate you to stay on track?

Then You Have Come to the Right Place!

Let’s face the facts. Making LASTING, LIFESTYLE change is always easier than it sounds.

Often times it’s because we don’t know WHAT to do for LONG_TERM strategy for SUCCESS.

We KNOW that diets don’t work and rapid weight loss leads to rapid weight GAIN! 

The Fit & Healthy Program is different. NO Diets and NO Deprivation.

NO Tricks, Pills, Potions, or Gimmicks!

It’s Time to GET REAL! (Real Food that is)

You’ ll learn SIMPLE, step-by-step strategies that you can EASILY implement to help you:


You’ll ALSO get the most incredible, easy-to -prepare recipes PLUS a community of support, every step of the way. 
Since the Jump Start program is ONLINE, you can participate no matter where you live!
Here are some things clients say about their programs:


Kate Found the Simple Path to Clean Living:  …As for the clean living, it’s the only way to go and was so easy for me. The recipes were very simple to prepare and SO delicious! I have found my 1:1 time with Jennifer to be very beneficial and helpful! I look forward to learning more as we work through my digestive issues.

Danielle can Reduce Stress and Focus on Life:  Since working with Jennifer, I have learned so much in a very short time. I went into thinking we would only focus on making dietary changes, but I soon found out that was only one piece of the puzzle. She has helped me incorporate simple exercises into my daily routine and given me valuable techniques to reduce stress and bring organization and focus back into my life. Jennifer is an amazing coach with so much knowledge to share. She truly listens and cares about helping others make positive lifestyle changes!

Cathy learned to make simple habits daily for lasting lifestyle change:  Where do I begin? You have an amazing gift to help people through their struggles – food or otherwise. You have truly helped me unearth the buried parts of me to become the person I am and have been striving to be all of my life. You have taught me how to make simple changes every single day to be healthier, and that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing all of the time. Good, wise choices that make you feel better just by taking care of yourself. Taking the stress out of it is key. You are very gifted, and the world is lucky to have you. Thank you.

Details – Fit & Healthy 30-Day Challenge

Here’s How it Works: 

This is an online program so you can participate no matter where you live (please invite your friends – extra support is awesome!) 

During the 30-Day online Jump Start we will focus on one key strategy each week:

Week 1 Why choosing the quality of your calories matters for weight loss.
Week 2 Finding the right exercise for YOU Hint: you don’t have to spend hours at the gym  
Week 3 Eating to fuel your body – What 1 thing you may be doing unknowingly, to sabotage your efforts 
Week 4 – How to plan for LONG-TERM success – Simple, effective tips to save you TIME, CALORIES and MONEY! 



Here is what you will receive:

– Delicious, Nutritious recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and side dishes. 
– A Grocery Shopping Guide to help you easily navigate healthy food choices. 
– A menu planner and an exercise planner. 
– BONUS “Sensational Smoothies & Juices” recipe guide. 
– Access to the Private, Online Facebook Challenge group if you wish.  (For support during the 30 days) 
– Support, Motivation, and Inspiration for 30 straight days. 
– My commitment to your health and success! 
– Four Simple but effective strategies to get you on the road to reaching your goals (no quick fix diet tricks or gimmicks – we know those don’t work!) Like I said it’s time to get real and simple.
– Weekly prizes awarded to participants to help you stay motivated and encouraged! 
– A personal wellness binder to keep all of your information organized and secure. 

Begins: NOW!
Onlineclick here to RESERVE YOUR SPOT.  SPACE IS LIMITED because I devote 2-3 Hours for each participant in 1:1 time, either in person or on the phone.  

I’ll send you the official sign up page, however joining the private group now insures your participation in the program.  Sign up today to reserve your spot. 

Registration begins now so until then save your spot by signing up now

This Program is Valued at over $500.

But you can join now for only


 Hold your spot by clicking below and signing up for your complimentary 30-50 minute coaching session so we can get you on the fast track to wellness. 

Once you have signed up for your complimentary session you have reserved your seat to be a part of the 4 week program. I’ll send you an invoice via PayPal and you can pay online.

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It is true…“One Conversation Can Change Your Life!”  TM
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