Healthy Habit Tip of the Day – STAY HYDRATED

Okay, so let me ask you…

Does your morning typically start with a latte or cappuccino?

Do you find yourself reaching for a Diet Coke to help you snap our of the mid-afternoon slump? 

If you answered yes to either of these questions I have a delicious and satisfying solution for you that will help to clear up your skin and increase your energy!



While sweet drinks may give you a temporary energy boost, they can also cause your energy levels to crash shortly after.



The more sugar you consume, the more you crave it, leading to a never-ending roller coaster ride of sugar highs followed by crashes.

The only way to break the cycle is to eliminate (or drastically reduce) your sugar consumption.


You don’t want to sabotage yourself and undermine all the hard work you have put into your diet and exercise routine. By changing what you drink, you can make sure you are staying on track with a healthy lifestyle.

Try trading out sugar laden or artificially sweetened drinks for water, or unsweetened iced tea.

This will help you stay hydrated without adding unnecessary calories. If you are really craving some flavor, try infused water. You can infuse your water with fruits or vegetables to improve the taste without sacrificing your health, and it’s super refreshing!

Here is a great post about 14 different ways you can infuse water to make it deeelish!


Meeting your body’s hydration needs doesn’t have to be difficult.

By switching out your Diet Coke for a glass of fruit infused water, you can make sure you are properly hydrated without all the added sweeteners.

Everyone has different hydration needs, based on weight, activity level, and other factors.  Make it a starting goal to drink three to four (8 oz.) glasses of water a day, and adjust according to your needs. 

Take charge of your hydration starting today, and you will be one step closer to achieving your health goals.

Let us know about your favorite way to enjoy beverages that don’t include sugar or artificial sweeteners.

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Christine Taught her Family to Eat Real Food

“When we started to meet together, I expected to hear calories in and calories out. Don’t eat this and stay away from that! What you taught me turned out to me of great worth!  Yes, you don’t want too many calories in, but it is more about the ingredients.  I have always been obsessed with counting calories.  You showed me the importance of reading not only the label but the ingredients list.  I was reminded that it is so much less about a diet and counting calories and so much more about helping my body be the best it can be!          

Thank you for helping me find my trigger/ comfort food (SALT!).  Showing me the right numbers  not only helped me, but it helped my whole family!  Another thing that was extremely helpful was your help in my kitchen.  One thing you said has stuck with me about how my attitude to the cooking carries over to the dinner table.  We are an extremely busy family and our dinner time is sometimes the only time we have as a family.  I feel proud to serve them food that is nourishing their body  more than hurting it.  Yes, we still have our “bad meals”  but I am striving to  serve healthy meals with a happy attitude.    I also have been having my kids read the ingredients.  If we can’t pronounce the words, they most likely are not good for us!  Thank you for coming into my kitchen and teaching me how to cook a full meal that I can be proud of!   Our few meetings also sparked an interested to learn as much as I can about the food we eat!  Thank you for your time to help my family!”  


Kathy Stopped Binge Eating

“Jenny helped me most by listening, having compassion & encouragement that I could get through it & change for the better. By introducing new cooking ideas, recipes & by reassuring me it was okay when I had set backs.    Instead of me beating up on myself & then binging. I think most of all she helped me look at things from a different perspective & not from a negative side, but a positive one. Ultimately changing my attitude about things helped me to try and be more positive.”

Kate Found the Simple Path to Clean Living

…As for the clean living, it’s the only way to go and was so easy for me. The recipes were very simple to prepare and SO delicious! I have found my 1:1 time with Jenny to be very beneficial and helpful! I look forward to learning more as we work through my digestive issues.

Danielle can Reduce Stress and Focus on Life

Since working with Jennifer, I have learned so much in a very short time. I went into thinking we would only focus on making dietary changes, but I soon found out that was only one piece of the puzzle. She has helped me incorporate simple exercises into my daily routine and given me valuable techniques to reduce stress and bring organization and focus back into my life. Jennifer is an amazing coach with so much knowledge to share. She truly listens and cares about helping others make positive lifestyle changes!

Her clients learn to incorporate healthy daily habits, develop inner confidence, and enjoy their journey toward wellness.

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