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The one resolution you shouldn’t make and why The holidays are over, and we’re entering the New Year with fresh goals, the intent to reach them, and excitement for what’s possible in the coming months.  Every year, the #1 most popular New Years Resolution is to lose weight.  To be honest, I’ve made that resolution countless … Continue reading STOP THE INSANITY


Top 5 Healthy Holiday Tips

The holidays are here – a magical time of year filled with sparkling lights, homemade treats, loved ones and holiday feasts.  Although there is much more to this season than these large meals, the festivities most certainly can become centered around the dinner table.    Many give up on their health goals during this time of year, planning on picking back … Continue reading Top 5 Healthy Holiday Tips


Healthy Habit Tip of the Day – STAY HYDRATED

Okay, so let me ask you… Does your morning typically start with a latte or cappuccino? Do you find yourself reaching for a Diet Coke to help you snap our of the mid-afternoon slump?  If you answered yes to either of these questions I have a delicious and satisfying solution for you that will help … Continue reading Healthy Habit Tip of the Day – STAY HYDRATED



Love Yourself Enough to Make a Plan to be Healthy One of the MOST important habits for obtaining a healthy lifestyle is planning. If you are not planning your meals and menu’s for the week a healthy meal will not magically appear on your plate. Fast and convenience food have made that almost impossible. Let’s … Continue reading MAKE A PLAN


Healthy Habit No. 1 Reminder – Let’s Eat Breakfast!

Healthy Habit No 1 – Reminder – New Year New You! This is going to be fantastic, and I’m thrilled to have you joining us.   Okay, ready set… Let’s kick this off with some good news – breakfast really IS for champions! You’ve probably heard the quote, “Breakfast is the most important meal of … Continue reading Healthy Habit No. 1 Reminder – Let’s Eat Breakfast!


Reflect Revive & Renew for 2017

Reflect Revive & Renew for 2017 with a totally NEW 60-Day REAL FOOD Wellness Plan  Why wait until January 2nd to feel energetic, radiant, and healthy? We start on December 26th to Reflect on the past years successes and failures Revive our commitment to health and wellness  Renew our commitment to our inner health coach Are … Continue reading Reflect Revive & Renew for 2017

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The Mindless Eating Trap!

Are you caught in the Mindless Eating Trap?   As a health coach and clinical counselor I speak to a lot of people about their eating habits.  There is one trend that has become commonplace in our 21st century world and that is mindless eating.  Many of us, yes, me included, have fallen into the mindless … Continue reading The Mindless Eating Trap!

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The Habit of Health

The Habit of Health Healthy Living is a Habit not a Hobby! In all my years losing weight, gaining weight, losing it again, talking to women about weight loss, studying diet after diet after diet, I finally found what worked for me.  That is why I created Authentic Living & Wellness, Inc.  It is a … Continue reading The Habit of Health

Learn to Eat with Intention and BE Healthy

One minute, you’re staring at a plate full of salad… the next, you’re hiding in the pantry scarfing down a box of donuts.     Do you feel like you know what you need to do to be healthy, but you can’t seem to follow through and you aren’t sure why?    I have stood exactly where you’re … Continue reading Learn to Eat with Intention and BE Healthy

Fascinating Womanhood – 101

  ✨Sale Extended✨ Are you ready to have the relationship or a marriage that you have always dreamed of? 💕 Are you tired of reading about romance in books and seeing it in the movies? ❤️ Do you know that you can capture the fairy tale and feel cherished and loved in a way you … Continue reading Fascinating Womanhood – 101