Secret Steps to Self-Confidence Revealed

Do you want to improve your marriage or relationship?

Feel happy and radiate confidence?  

Learn to cultivate that perfect relationship and finally feel worthy of a rich, fulfilling life and just stop feeling so overwhelmed all the time.  

Join us for this 8-week online class to support, encourage, and tap into the secrets of becoming a captivating woman.

  • 8 Modules – Weekly Live / Recorded Webinars 
    • Next Class Begins Tuesday Night at 8pm Central. Classes are recorded so you can listen anytime.
    • The “Become Captivating” 8-week series will help you develop a noble character in the following areas:  Purity, self control, inner happiness, righteous living, honesty, strength, courage, and endurance. The result will be to create a feeling of confidence you have never felt before and awaken the love of your husband.

      The classes will look into the characteristics of the Captivating Woman.

      • Module 1 – Intro to “Become Captivating”
      • Module 2 – A Captivating Woman is Strong
      • Module 3 – A Captivating Woman is Admired
      • Module 4 – A Captivating Woman is Happy
      • Module 5 – A Captivating Woman is Feminine
      • Module 6 – A Captivating woman is Grateful
      • Module 7 – A Captivating Woman is Sensual
      • Module 8 – A Captivating Woman Awakens the love of her husband

  • 2 – 50-minute 1:1 sessions – In-Person or via Phone / Skype / Zoom
  • Class Materials – Provided via Facebook Private Group or email
  • Cost $184. – 8-week program – if you sign up early, save your spot, you can save $$$! 

Join today and receive the program for only…

97 dollars

Create the Marriage of your Dreams!    jeff jen2010

Become the fascinating woman you desire.

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Live your life with radiant self-confidence.


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Jennifer Cross

Jennifer Cross, MS, LPC, CHC, Counselor, Speaker, Life Coach who helps woman to achieve a happy, healthy lifestyle that is flexible, fun and long-lasting. Jennifer provides a personalized roadmap to health and wellness that suits each unique body, lifestyle, and set of goals. Click here to continue or begin your health journey with Jennifer.