Achieve Lifelong Health and Success 

Our goal is to create a safe place for you to share your story, identify road blocks to lasting health and happiness and help you rediscover your true, authentic self.

You can achieve lifelong health, success, and transform into the person you have always dreamed of becoming. 

Reconnect with your inner health coach, feel at home in your body, and ignite a renewed sense of passion for living.  

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Jennifer Cross

Jennifer Mason Cross, Founder of Authentic Living & Wellness – Life Coaching, Inc. is a licensed Counselor, Speaker, and certified Life Coach. Using her experience and knowledge in health education, psychology, nutrition, and life coaching, Ms. Cross helps her clients make lifestyle change that produce real and lasting results.

Jennifer guides her clients to incorporate healthy habits daily, to accept themselves in the present moment, to develop a healthy body image and to enjoy their journey toward wellness.

Learn how to break free from old patterns that prevent being truly happy!


Our services are offered via:

  • in-person
  • phone or video chat

Specialties include:

  • Weight Release and healthy body weight maintenance
  • self-esteem, motivation, self-confidence
  • disordered eating behaviors
  • depression, anxiety
  • codependency
  • Life and Career coaching

We offer a variety of formats to fit your needs:

  • individual counseling/coaching
  • group counseling/coaching
  • corporate wellness programs
  • wellness classes
  • nutrition education
  • workshops
  • health consultations

Jennifer counsels people who want something different in life, but have been unable to reach their goals on their own.

Her clients learn to incorporate healthy daily habits, develop inner confidence, and enjoy their journey toward wellness.

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Photo | Jennifer Cross | Thumbnail
Jennifer Cross